Jans Corp

Mission, Vision & Values

Mission Statement

Building Dreams, Solutions and Tools

Vision Statement

Jans Corporation aspires:

· To be the most recognized and utilized commercial construction firm in the region and considered a leader in the community.

· To be considered an industry “Best-in-Class” contractor through financial discipline, innovative processes and best practices.

· Increase profit margin and productivity levels annually.

· To be an all-inclusive provider of commercial construction services from concept to finished product.

· To build projects ahead of time, under budget and with satisfied customers who are proud of the finished product.

· To create business relationships for life.

· To be the preferred employer in the construction industry.

Core Values

Jans Corporation strives:

· To create a trusting and family atmosphere which encourages personal and professional balance.

· To treat employees with respect, provide a safe work environment, and offer fair compensation and opportunities for professional growth.

· To be honest and honorable by being fair, consistent, impartial and true to our word.

· To do quality work by meeting project specifications and doing the job right the first time.

· To be versatile by providing a full range of construction services at a competitive price and in a timely manner.

· To be responsive to customer needs, exceed expectations and industry standards and develop long-term relationships.

· To be an active and responsible corporate citizen and deliver a business value that makes a positive contribution to society and improves people’s lives.