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Prepare your Property for Winter – Tip of the Day


Insulate exterior outlets and switch plates with inexpensive foam sealing gaskets.

You can buy insulating blankets at the hardware store; it is a good idea to insulate your hot water tank with one of these!

If you don’t use your fireplace often and it leaks air, you can cut a piece of fiberglass insulation and stuff it into the fireplace behind your glass doors to block the cold air coming down the chimney. Remove this when you make a fire.

Insulating Doors & Windows – Cold air from air leaks around doors and windows is as major a contributor to your heating bill. Reduce your heating by simply applying weather-stripping on the bottom and the sides of the doors. For windows, typically air leaks will be at the edges where the window is hinged, slides or meets another unit. An easy solution is to use inexpensive rope caulk. Press the rope caulk into all the joints where air is leaking.

Remember to call Jans Corporation and our Maintenance Team will provide you with a free quote and do your Winterizing for you!

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