Jans Corp

Jans Corporation is a Two Time Award Winner!!

One of the best testimonials to our knowledge, experience, and capacity is the recent recognition Jans Corporation received from the Associated General Contractors of America at their annual meeting in Orlando, Florida where we were presented with an AON Build America Award for the Sioux Falls Seminary project.

Only fifteen of these awards were given out this year in the entire nation. This is only the second such award received by a company in South Dakota. The first AON Build America Award was also presented to Jans Corporation a few years ago for the Sertoma Butterfly House project.  The award is based on seven criteria which include: Meeting the challenge of a difficult job; Excellence in project management; Contractor’s innovation in construction techniques or materials; Contractor’s state-of-the-art advancement; Sensitivity to the environment and surroundings; Excellence in client service; and Contractor’s contribution to the community. Along with our Mission Statement of Building Dreams, Solutions, and Tools for our Customers, these seven criteria are brought to each project that Jans Corporation is involved in. The Seminary project has also been recognized for the green building approach that will ultimately result in a Silver LEED Certification.

Jans Corporation won its first AON Build America award in 2004 for the Sertoma Butterfly House.

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